Sick of Cooking

Pumpkin is loaded with good nutrition.

Fall is in the air and the wonderful smells of the season will bring new inspiration to your food preparation!

From delicious pies to tantalizing soups, pumpkin is the traditional food of fall.  The aromas of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg remind us that the fields are turning from green to gold and the winter months of hot cider and nutritious fruits and veggies are on the way.  Pumpkin is classified as either?  But who cares.  Treat it in any way you can imagine and you won’t be disappointed.

Pumpkin is loaded with good nutrition.  It is a good source of fiber, Vitamin C and potassium.  Don’t give up your bananas and potatoes (your known potassium sources) and just go for the pumpkin pie, but when you do indulge you will be happy that you are making a smart choice. Watch the sugar and whipped cream…those are the killers!

Pumpkin isn’t the only fall-inspiring flavor for you menu. Remember the good old apple with its loads of varieties.  Using your fall fruits, you can manage a wagon load of exciting menu items:

Chicken with slices of pumpkin and spices

Lean baked Pork Loin with apples and cloves

Sautéed ham steak with mashed pumpkin and biscuits

There is no limit to the savory meals you can concoct with your fall fruits, and there are only two fall fruits discussed here.  Remember the apple salads and pumpkin souffles, the pancakes garnished with stewed apples and the pumpkin bread that is loved by all. Sick of cooking?  Welcome Fall and get inspired.

Today’s tip:  Perfect pie crust is easy. DON’T over work the shortening into the flour. Use ice water for mixing the flour and shortening. Roll the dough once in each direction…(pat the dough out to dinner plate size before rolling). Questions?  Just ask me.  Email me at and put pie crust in subject line.  Include your phone number if you wish.  I will get back to you!


Happy Fall, Y’all

Let’s get cookin’

Know the Facts about Foods

A handy mobile app is foodkeeper.

 Knowing the safe cooking temperatures can save your life!  That is a pretty dramatic statement, however it is the truth and many cases have proven that a person has suffered death due to the fact that they have eaten food that has not been properly cooked to the right internal temperature or held at the right temperature for serving. For the most part, that can only be achieved by using a reliable meat thermometer and a knowledge of the safe temperatures for meats and food serving temps.

Have you seen chefs as they walk around with that thermometer in the breast pocket?  It isn’t for show. It is there so they make sure they are testing the temperatures of all the foods in their kitchens.

The rules of food safety must be followed for all foods… hot foods must be kept above or at 140 degrees and cold foods need to be kept at or below 40 degrees.  House parties where the food is not hand passed are best planned by using chafing dishes and buffet-style service. Outside buffets are a challenge and should be considered dangerous if food safety rules are not kept as the  utmost priority. This is the same for the outdoor family BBQs as well as the Country Club celebration. These boundaries are very important and the temps in between are known as the DANGER ZONE.  Refer to

six woman standing and siting inside the room
Food Safety classes are offered at many community colleges.


Other than taking a food safety class at your local community college, you can contact the Health Department for more information on this subject.

A handy mobile app is foodkeeperIt is loaded with information and is a great tool for everyone.

Keep your family and friends safe and free from food borne illnesses and remember the important role you play.  Just because your food looks good doesn’t mean it is good for your health and it has the potential to cause some harmful consequences.


Food, wonderful food!!

A delicious looking meal can often be the source of some bad food poisonings and you’ll truly wish that you were not tempted to partake in the feast. 

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A delicious looking meal can often be the source of some bad food poisonings and you’ll truly wish that you were not tempted to partake in the feast.  Summer is a scary time to be playing with leaving your refrigerated menu items out on the counter for too long.  Raw meats can suffer when left out without being chilled and many people just don’t understand how seriously tainted meat can impact the digestive system.  The old rule I remember is 4 hours from butcher to table without being refrigerated…So think about it.  Just go to the grocery store and select your meat. Hang out at the pharmacy and wait for your RX and then head on to the long grocery check out.  Stop at the dry cleaners and the car is fairly warm, maybe 75 degrees, and then head to the library to return those overdue books.  When you get home, you might answer the phone and leave the meat on the counter while you chat with Julie about the bake sale.  It’s noon now and you picked up the meat at 10:30 am from the meat department at the market.  By the time you pop it in the freezer it is 12:30 pm and you now have 2 hours on that 4 hour window.

You grab that meat out 5 days later to make a nice stew, but the meat is frozen solid and you have to let it thaw.  It will sit on the counter at room temperature to thaw for about 6 hours before it is ready for you to cut into pieces for the stew.  You are 4 hour over on your 4 hour time-table. IT IS NOT SAFE TO THAW MEAT ON THE COUNTER. The doorbell rings and your neighbor has returned a book she borrowed and you offer her a cup of tea.

An hour later, you start your stew. You are 5 hours over on your meat. Safe?  Your tummy will let you know. Ground meats are worse and encased meats that are left out and not thoroughly cooked are really dangerous.

Learn to cook safely…use a meat thermometer. Do not take chances with meat that could carry bacteria once exposed to room temperatures for too long. Your health is more important.


Looks delicious, but the brats are tainted.  The brats were not cooked thoroughly and caused the diner to suffer from a bacterial infection in the digestive tract. Commonly known as food poisoning, the sufferer can avoid these bouts by handling food properly, cooking the meats to the correct temperatures and following all the food safety procedures. Your local library as well as the Internet have guides to safe cooking times for meats and the proper handling of foods.

The Journey Begins —

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Julia Child once said that foods are like family. I do believe that foods can be paired for the magnificent display that excites your taste buds and arouses that wonderful visual for your eyes. The best part of family is LOVE and we all share the  love we have for each other. Join my family as we hope to share some love and inspiration with you as you travel through the hours of enjoying food preparation and serving your family and guests.   Put passion in the task at hand and your food will show it… your diner will enjoy your gift of love!

We invite you to contact us with your favorites and provide some recipe instructions and photos.  Get involved with us and become a memorable menu maker!

Chef Jason Knows How to Put on a Show!

Smell and sight come before taste…the allure of the flavors permeating the air and the sight of the colors before you, make the taste the final step in the experience of your culinary journey.  If you step into a venue where food is the main attraction and there is no glorious smells and sights, you don’t have much to look forward to in your culinary journey.  Step into a catered party which is being done by Chef Jason and you will be excited by the glorious aromas and presentations.

Get ready to have your next house party catered by Chef Jason….call to schedule your house party in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri!


Wings on a Wednesday? Why not?

When Chef Tyson (best computer nerd ever) finishes up a day’s work in his home office, he gets busy in the kitchen and whips up a meal that satisfies his taste and hunger.  What makes it easier is his love of gadgets and this is one gadget he knows he doesn’t want to omit from his bachelor life…the air fryer.

“You don’t have to be a nerd or a bachelor to enjoy good food or preparing a satifying meal for yourself. Relax and enjoy a cold brew and wings in a snap with the air fryer doing all the work in minutes. Keep it simple!!

Is cooking with the modern gadgets still cooking? Why wouldn’t it be?

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